Product Of The Quarter 


Plastic Security Bins


These plastic security bins are a seamless solution for your security and storage needs. Based on the simple principle, out of sight out of mind, these plastic security bins will minimise mess and provide compact storage. Featuring detachable lids, they are insertable and stackable providing the ability to easily store when empty and full.  When stacked the lid works as a tamper proof function securing your high risk and high value goods inside. Coming in both a 65 litre and 30 litre size these plastic security bins ensure that each different aspect of use is catered for.


  • Size: 400x300x260mm (small) or 600x400x340mm (large)

  • Capacity: 30L or 65L

  • Structure: Insertable & stackable

  • Lid design: Detachable swing lid


  • Small: $20.00

  • Large: $30.00

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